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About Us

Adore Feli was founded in 2011, owned by the one and only Ms. Felicia Chong herself - actress, model, and mother, whom has appeared in various Film, TV Shows, and print work for magazines and calendars. Her background being a mix of Korean and African American Heritage. Her love for intimates and designer swimwear started at a very young age, which has always been a natural instinct of hers, as a born fashionista and future designer.

Having been in front of camera's most of her life since she was young as a performer in dance and a varsity cheerleader most of her youth, she has all the natural talents that make her a born star. She has many experiences on and behind various stage settings, as well as not to forget her being one of the faces of business leaders for women today. Felicia has been around it all from professionals such as: makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, producers, directors and fashion designers, celebrities, etc., she has done a lot of work within the various industries, but the sexy little things have always been what she's adored most, which brings in luxury lingerie and swimwear.

The importance of luxury that Felicia offers are not only the high end designers as a name but a statement in what true intimates are made for - a woman's body in the correct designed form. It is important that all body types are wearing the right garments underneath. It brings confidence, comfort, reliability and a longer durability other than just being the basic necessity. A true design is in knowing the proper way to create and design these smaller pieces that are needed for proper support and in comfort for a woman's body. We hand pick the specialty items for specific various reasons, and designing them is just where it all begins. 

The designers provided by Adore Felicia are partnered designers of some the most influential leaders in luxury lingerie and swimwear brands today from all over the world! Felicia attends International Fashion Week events and meets personally with each designer brand to review their collections each season where she is able to see the products at hand and able to feel and try them on as well. Every brand is a specialty and favorites of Felicia and wants to share them with you. With an eye for fashion, quality and comfort, she keeps the upscale in the smaller things in life up to par.

"I am very particular with choosing whom to work with when it comes to deciding on the best designer brands. When I meet with the designers, it is important to feel the chemistry, and bond with them to build a strong business foundation from the start, and see if we would work well together. I find that the best working partnered business relationships are a creation of us working together as a family. We are not only working to carry their name, they are also carrying us too. It is never one sided with Adore Feli, but always as one together as a team, which is very important to me in building success."

Adore Feli is currently only available online at our official store right here. There are future plans to open retail locations, as well as Felicia designing her very own exclusive line. Felicia also plans to contribute in giving back to the world, which will be announced at a future date.

Team Adore Feli are members who have a background in the entertainment, fashion and business industry with an extensive background, and experience which help build Adore Feli as a brand.

To stay in contact with our whereabouts and events, you may sign-up on our site and or follow us at our social networks links that are provided at the bottom of our site.

Size & Care Guide

Care FAQ + Instructions

Let's take the best care of your new candles!
Find a safe place to burn your candle.  Keep it away from all objects, people, pets, wind drafts, etc.
Trim your wick to 1/4"
Light your candle away from a draft
Soy wax has a memory.  Each time you burn your candles ensure the wax melts all the way to the edge each time.
Keep debris away from the wax pool.  When you are finished burning blow out your candle and replace the lid (if desired).
Always burn your candle within sight


Why can my candles turn yellow or fade?

All of our candles are made using natural products and contain no ultraviolet stabilizers or colorants. In bright sunlight or under florescent lights they can turn yellow or have the natural color of the wax fade. This does not change the scent or degrade the candle in any way.

To note: no retail orders have ever had this issue.  Wholesalers who own tanning salons, have florescent lights, or strong UV rays from the sun coming into their shop may have this issue. Please keep candles in a safe spot out of direct sunlight and away from strong florescent bulbs or direct sunlight.

Why do we make + sell soy candles?

Soy candles are believed to be safer as they do not contain chemical byproducts released into the air when burned, unlike some paraffin candles that are made of petroleum based products.

Do soy wax candles have more scent?

Soy wax holds more scent than paraffin wax. Soy wax holds 10% per weight as compared to paraffin wax which holds 6% per weight.  This means our candles have a more intense fragrance and will fill your home or office with a long-lasting smell.

Are there any benefits to burning soy wax?

Soy wax is a renewable resource. It is locally grown in the USA and is all natural.

How do I make my soy candles last longer?

Soy wax candles burn longer when the wick trimmed appropriately to ¼ - ⅛ inch before each burning and the candle is allowed to burn until the wax pool (melted wax) reaches the edge of the container.