Luxury Swimsuit: A Practical <br />Buying Guide

Luxury Swimsuit: A Practical
Buying Guide

January 28, 2019

Summer is just around the corner. We don’t want to alarm you but swimsuit season is almost here, and it is time to avail maximum benefit of our women's swimwear sale. Be it pool water or a beach vacation, there is one thing women are really keen on during summers is swimsuit sale online. At the same time, swimsuit shopping is pretty stressful for ladies as you often not get what you want. Some swimwear do not fit your body, some do not come in your budget. To help you out, we have prepared a practical buying guide so that you can flaunt your body in the best swimwear.

Here you go!

Be honest with your body

All women want to look the sassiest versions of themselves in a bikini. However, it needs choosing the right bikini which flatters your shape the best. If you are a bit plump, you can’t expect yourself to look slim in a swimwear. Instead, accept your body type and show off your asset with the right swimsuit. For example, if you have smaller bust, this ruffles bay top will add volume on the top. Also, triangle bikini tops really look cool on smaller-busted women. This triangle top ties securely at top and back and features button hardware with sea crab design, tags easily detachable for wearing bikini in reverse.

Color counts

Choosing the right color swimwear can bring a significant difference. Try a variety of colors and decide what looks the best on your skin tone. When in doubt, pick this fabulous yellow trikini. Yellow is in for this summer season designer lingerie sale. Nothing can brighten your sunny day more than a yellow trikini. Lined bandeau top and tie straps at back of neck and back are sufficient to make you look like a diva. Latin cut bottom, and hip adjustable tie straps are other features to purchase this gorgeous piece from our collection.

Embrace separates

Let us accept the fact – women have a hard time matching the tops and bottoms. A few times, you can’t find something that is right for your breasts, another time, you can’t find a piece that accentuates your butts. The struggle is real! You don’t have to put things together and pick the pairs as you can shop them separately. Shop bikinis separately to find the perfect fit. Your goal should be to find the best pieces that fit you, even if the pieces come in different styles, sizes or even from different stores. There is no rule in swimwear shopping. For example, to adjust a curvy backside, you need this hearty gems hipster. This chic hipster features catchy zebra and floral print. Reversible bottom and easily detachable tags improve the functionality.

Get comfy

It doesn’t matter whether you are showing ninety or fifty per cent of your skin in the swimwear, if you are not comfortable, you cannot enjoy to your fullest. Feeling comfortable will ensure confidence to hit the beach. Take time to try a variety of styles and sizes including things you may fear to try out. Swimwear shapes and prints can surprise you. To add some glamour to your overall appearance, you can try the right set of accessories. To maximize your comfort while you come out of water, you can consider throwing cover-ups. The underlying key is to pick up a quality suit that supports your body. Want to look fabulous? Go for this Saltwater Ballerina bikini top that features bandeau bikini top with adjustable ruffle straps. Provides with easily detachable tags for wearing bottoms in reverse, this piece will accentuate your figure.

Have you decided your favorite swimwear? 

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Size & Care Guide

Care FAQ + Instructions

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Find a safe place to burn your candle.  Keep it away from all objects, people, pets, wind drafts, etc.
Trim your wick to 1/4"
Light your candle away from a draft
Soy wax has a memory.  Each time you burn your candles ensure the wax melts all the way to the edge each time.
Keep debris away from the wax pool.  When you are finished burning blow out your candle and replace the lid (if desired).
Always burn your candle within sight


Why can my candles turn yellow or fade?

All of our candles are made using natural products and contain no ultraviolet stabilizers or colorants. In bright sunlight or under florescent lights they can turn yellow or have the natural color of the wax fade. This does not change the scent or degrade the candle in any way.

To note: no retail orders have ever had this issue.  Wholesalers who own tanning salons, have florescent lights, or strong UV rays from the sun coming into their shop may have this issue. Please keep candles in a safe spot out of direct sunlight and away from strong florescent bulbs or direct sunlight.

Why do we make + sell soy candles?

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Do soy wax candles have more scent?

Soy wax holds more scent than paraffin wax. Soy wax holds 10% per weight as compared to paraffin wax which holds 6% per weight.  This means our candles have a more intense fragrance and will fill your home or office with a long-lasting smell.

Are there any benefits to burning soy wax?

Soy wax is a renewable resource. It is locally grown in the USA and is all natural.

How do I make my soy candles last longer?

Soy wax candles burn longer when the wick trimmed appropriately to ¼ - ⅛ inch before each burning and the candle is allowed to burn until the wax pool (melted wax) reaches the edge of the container.